Our specialised services cater to the maintenance requirements of body corporates and residential estates governed by a home owner’s associations as well as office parks, industrial parks, retail centers and schools. Focused on the unique requirements of each client, we assist them through the development of a long-term maintenance plan. Then, our turnkey solution includes a team of day-to-day maintenance specialists and management experts, that can ensure a decade of short and long-term maintenance solutions, all covered under that 10 year plan with one monthly fee. In this way - planning ahead means no special levies are required. With a strong engineering background in the mechanical, civil and electrical fields, we come from the industrial environment, where we also implement and manage maintenance plans for factories. We expertly execute these plans, which cover both the facilities and their equipment.

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We offer a unique turnkey maintenance solution that covers all your requirements from start to finish.
Our experience in the industry enabled us to set the benchmark 10 Year Estate Maintenance Plan, which ensures you have the best possible long and short-term maintenance plan available
You see a notable difference in your complex within the first year and your asset is protected as we expertly maintain your property
One fixed price per month covers all items thus avoiding special levies
Not only are we fully accountable for all our work, but we have full liability insurance and all our sub-contractors are held to the same assurances!

We are truly a 'one stop shop,' meaning there will always be only one contact person who attends to all your maintenance enquiries and needs.


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